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Lasers for Industry and Manufacturing Applications
(LIMA) Group
Láseres Industriales para Manufactura y Aplicaciones

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My Field of Work: Photonics – Science and technology based on light,
My Activities: Technology transfer to private sector based in advanced laser and manufacturing technology,
My Knowledge: Higher education and professional training in applied photonics.
Research projects:
  • Slab, folded and free space CO2 lasers
  • All metal waveguide and free space CO2 laser designs
  • Hybrid resonator designs
  • Stable and “quasi” stable resonator modeling
  • RF power generator to excite CO2 lasers
  • Advanced manufacturing CO2 and YAG based technology
32+ years of experience in research and development is my signature. The foundations of my work is in trust and knowledge to ensure success to my collaborations.
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