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Lasers for Industry and Manufacturing Applications
(LIMA) Group
Láseres Industriales para Manufactura y Aplicaciones

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My Field of Work: Photonics – Science and technology based on light,
My Activities: Technology transfer to private sector based in advanced laser and manufacturing technology,
My Knowledge: Higher education and professional training in applied photonics.
Research projects:
  • Q-Switch Nd:YAG. Cosmeatrics applications.
we design and build this novel passiv Q-switch laser systems for users in cosmetrica, microblading, etc.
give service and repair to other simililar systems (click here for more information)
  • Slab, folded and free space CO2 lasers
  • All metal waveguide and free space CO2 laser designs
  • Hybrid resonator designs
  • Stable and “quasi” stable resonator modeling
  • RF power generator to excite CO2 lasers
  • Advanced manufacturing CO2 and YAG based technology
32+ years of experience in research and development is my signature. The foundations of my work is in trust and knowledge to ensure success to my collaborations.
Res. Lomas
Ensenada, B. C.
CP. 22835

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